White Plains, NY Professional AC Repair Services

AC devices are a life-saving necessity in parts of the world where summers are too hot, thus when an AC malfunctions, life gets harsh. Since an AC unit has many working parts and there are different possible reasons for it not working so suddenly, the HVAC professional needs to be called upon to be able to resolve the problem.

Many AC repair services can provide same-day service in the event of a breakdown. A professional can get your system up and running again quickly, saving you from having to sweat it out in an uncomfortably warm home.

When should you call an AC to repair professional?

Whether an air conditioning unit works less than normal or simply does not turn on, a specialist would know what to look for to get it to function again. If the unit is about to expire soon and it is diagnosed as being beyond repair already then you need to find a new unit. If you’ve had your unit for less than ten years and it already has issues, these are a few signs you should call a professional.

Low airflow from vents

When an air conditioner is running, but little cool air is coming from the vents, there is most likely a problem with the compressor or in the ductwork. Restricted airflow does not help in cooling down a home. All it should take is a quick visit from a trained professional to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner.

Inconsistent temperatures throughout the home

When your goal is to get a lower baseline temperature consistent throughout your house and some rooms won’t change, that can be very aggravating. While it’s true that upper levels will naturally be warmer than lower ones, if the temperatures are drastically different, it can indicate that you have an issue. The most frequent culprits are vents, ducts, and filters, so those are what should be checked first.

Notice bad smells or loud noises when the unit is on

If you detect a bad smell when the system is on coming from the vents, there may be a problem between the unit and the vent somewhere. This may be because of the mold that has formed or by a wire that has burned in the ductwork. Any of these problems require urgent intervention from a professional. Likewise, if you hear noises such as scraping and scratching coming from the unit, that’s a concern that also requires a call to a professional.

Unit is leaking

If you see liquid dripping from your air conditioner, it could be harmless water or toxic refrigerant. Nevertheless, this problem still needs professional repair, no matter what type of fluid flows out of the system. If the fluid turns out to be water, usually the AC professional will replace the condensation tubes. Leaking refrigerant requires replacement of the faulty refrigerant lines.

The thermostat isn’t working

Sometimes difficulties may emerge from the switch and not the unit. AC experts can easily check and repair malfunctioning thermostats. Air conditioning experts can also perform wiring inspections and temperature reading recalibration for the smooth running of your AC unit.

Energy bills significantly higher

A surprisingly high monthly energy bill can be a red flag that something has gone wrong with a unit, even when everything else appears to be normal. A higher energy bill can signal that it is time to seek help from a professional. This unusual spike might indicate that your unit is working harder than it should have to and may require servicing.

How can regular maintenance save you from repair?

Like your car, periodic maintenance will help keep your air conditioner running well and extend its useful life. What often happens is that the AC unit is only used during the summer. You might not realize your AC is not running properly until you turn it on during the first hot day of the summer.

Regular maintenance helps to keep your unit in good condition, and it also allows the professional to address potential problems before they can turn into a serious problem. It is suggested that units be serviced once every year. Try to have your air conditioner serviced before the beginning of the cooling season. This saves you money by warding off frequent breakdowns, and it can also reduce your short-term energy and long term-replacement costs.