White Plains, NY Affordable Ductless Air Conditioning

Installing central AC can quickly become a costly and time-consuming endeavor if your home does not already have ductwork built-in. Although central AC is a convenient way to cool down a whole house, many homes and budgets just cannot accommodate these kinds of systems. Here are the alternative options to a central AC unit.

A cost-effective option for dryer climates is the evaporative coolers aka swamp coolers. Be that as it may, they will in general make a great deal of noise and are constrained in their cooling capacities. Many households prefer to select a mini-split ductless system as an alternative for a ductless air conditioning system and have been using these systems for years. This type of system is beneficial for homes that are not made for central AC as they allow you to cool certain zones, they’re easy to install, and they’re energy-efficient.

How does ductless air conditioning work?

Ductless systems use air handling units in every room and a condenser found outside the home. It is the refrigerant that makes the indoor air cold and blows it to the room. The heat from it is moved then by the conduit that is connected to the outdoor unit.

The fans found in air handlers allow the unit to be quiet while they are working. The condenser is the loudest system component but is always installed outside the home.

Ductless systems use air handlers, which can be mounted onto ceilings or walls, or recessed into either to create a more flushed look in any room that needs cooling. Handlers can be controlled individually or connected to a thermostat.

Thermostats can be installed in different parts of your home to establish multiple cooling zones. You can have separate thermostats for the second floor and the ground floor and a space that is only used when there are guests that can be zoned off. Most ductless systems can be set up with four separate cooling zones.

What are the benefits of ductless systems?

A ductless mini-split air conditioning system is very easy to install for a home without ducts. Normally homeowners have the liberty of choice in the kind of air handlers installed and where they are set inside the room. Air handler units that lay flush to ceilings or walls are more expensive but aesthetically pleasing.

To accommodate the installation of the ductwork needed for central air conditioning, holes will need to be cut into your home’s walls and ceilings, and you’ll probably lose some closet space. The only structural change needed to install a ductless system is a small hole to permit the connection of the indoor air handlers to the condenser unit located outdoors.

Ductless AC units are more cost-friendly than the central AC units since they have larger paths for air to go through. The ductwork that is used in a central AC unit can lead it to have up to thirty percent waste in energy. The energy loss comes from the cooled air escaping through seams, holes, and leaks in the ductwork.

One of the benefits of ductless mini-split systems is that the whole building doesn’t have to be cooled at one time as homeowners can just cool the areas in use. For example, if you have bedrooms upstairs, you can set it to an acceptable sleeping temperature and not have to be concerned with the downstairs temperature until morning. This can be a good way to bring down the cost of your monthly energy bill.

A ductless system could be better than a traditional window AC unit because they may be safer and don’t pose the possibility of allowing pests into your home through an open window. Ductless systems are safe and keep pests from entering your home. They can in like manner be set to warm in the winter, giving dual functionality to a home.

Professional Installation

If you decide that a ductless mini-split air conditioning is right for your home, a professional can help install the system quickly. They will assess your home to find out the number of units necessary for the space to be cooled and if necessary will also talk to you about zoning.

Some homeowners think they can install a ductless system on their own, but it takes a trained professional to do the wiring and handle toxic refrigerants safely. An expert can also advise on the better placement of your air handlers and the best style of units suitable for your home. When it comes to replacing, repairing, or servicing your system, an AC professional is your best choice to help you get your home functioning and cooled down again quickly.