Heating and Cooling Services in Pelham, New York

When it comes to a home’s heating and cooling system, most people just expect it to work when needed. Unfortunately, this is not always what happens.

The best thing a home or business owner can do to keep their Pelham Heating and Cooling system operating properly and efficiently is to invest in regular service and maintenance. However, many people are not sure when this type of service is needed. Keep reading to learn some of the most common signs that repairs are needed.

Strange Odors

When someone first turns their heating system on, they may smell an odor. There may be weird smells detected when the air conditioner is running, as well. The initial odors may be for heating systems because it is burning of dust that has built up during the off-season, and this is completely normal. If the smell fades after a few hours, the chances are good there is no reason to worry about it. However, if the smell persists, it may mean something more serious is going on. It could be an indication of a broken mechanical or electrical component. Usually, if there are damaged parts in the system, they are going to smell like burning rubber or plastic. One option is to try to change the air filter to see if that will help. Remember, the filter is where all dirt and debris are caught. If the filter is dirty, it may lead to a weird smell. Never ignore odors that persist for more than a few hours. They are usually a sign of a more serious problem and need to be dealt with right away.

Screeching, Clanking, or Banking Sounds

If the heating or cooling system is making strange sounds, it may be a warning of issues that could occur down the road. Most units will make some minimal sounds during normal operation but, if someone begins to hear a new sound or something that is unusually loud, it is good to call the professionals for help.

Any strange sounds that are coming from the heating or cooling system may mean the part is loose or worn. The unit may also need to have a belt replaced. The faster the system is repaired, the better the chances are that there will not be a total failure, which would leave everyone in the home without cool or warm air.

Hot or Cold Spots in the Home

During the day, walk through the home. Are there cool spots in the winter or hot spots in the summer? If so, it means the cooled or heated air is not reaching everywhere it needs to go. The first step is to make sure all the ducts and registers are open. If the problem persists, it means the system is not working efficiently.

Rooms or areas where the air is too warm or too cool indicate that repairs are necessary. Over time, these issues will also lead to higher energy costs. While seasonal maintenance can help, in some cases, the issue may be that the system is not big enough or is too big for the home or property.

Growing Energy Costs

When the heating system is being used, a homeowner may see a significant increase in energy costs. It could be that the system is not working correctly. It may also mean the system is too old to continue handling the load. Make sure to look at past energy bills from the past few years around the same time. Compare the costs. If something seems to be off, such as too high prices, it is a good idea to call the professionals.

Do Not Wait to Call for Help or Repairs

Any time there is a heating or cooling system problem, a homeowner should call for service from the pros right away. The professionals can provide the needed services and find underlying issues to restore proper function to the system. Remember, several issues may arise with a heating and cooling system. If a homeowner is not sure what is going on, now is the time to get in touch with the professionals. They will be able to help with the situation and provide 24/7 emergency repair services when needed.  

Being informed and knowing what to do are the best ways to ensure the desired results are achieved and a heating and cooling system is restored to a superior level of performance and efficiency. Do not wait to call for help. The professionals are ready to provide the needed services today.