Heating and Cooling Services in Port Chester, New York

Most individuals have heard the saying about a man’s home being his castle. The same holds true for female homeowners and all occupants of a home. The residence serves as a getaway from the stresses of daily life. However, when the HVAC system isn’t working, the home doesn’t fulfill this need. 

Many homeowners have a basic understanding of this system and routine tasks. However, they don’t understand the inner workings of the system or the roles of the different components contained within. For this reason, they need an HVAC provider they can count on, and Blue Moon Heating and Air Conditioner strives to be this provider. 


Port Chester doesn’t have a reputation for hot summer days, as the average temperature in July comes in at 74 degrees. However, on those hot days when the temperature does climb, homeowners want a functional HVAC system to keep the interior of the home comfortable for residents and guests alike. We can be of help with this. 

The first step in ensuring the system operates as intended on hot summer days is regular maintenance. Homeowners need to ensure they change filters regularly, as dirty filters make the system work harder and can lead to early system failure. Furthermore, they need to use the right filters as discussed below, and carry out other tasks as recommended by the manufacturer or the HVAC services provider.

Systems might need repairs even when cared for properly. When this happens, call on us and we’ll get the system up and running in the shortest time possible. Nobody should be miserable in their own home, and our technicians work to ensure our customers don’t have this concern. 

When repairs become too costly, it’s time to think about replacing the system. Our team helps customers here, offering HVAC systems and ductless AC units. The choice depends on the home, the area of installation, and more. We work with clients to determine what is right for their residence. 


Winter will be here before you know it. Port Chester receives an average of 27.2 inches of snow per year. Make certain the heating system is operational when the snows come and getting out is difficult. 

Tuneups help to ensure the heating system remains operational on cold snowy days and dry days where the temperature never seems to climb. However, even with regular maintenance, homeowners find the time comes when their system needs repairs. 

Repairs vary by the components affected. Homeowners must know all repair options when their system isn’t working. Our technicians review all repair options and allow customers to determine which best meets their needs. 

However, the time comes when they must replace the system. Homeowners often worry about the cost of replacing their unit, but they shouldn’t. We offer financing options to ensure our clients have a home that remains comfortable all year long. 

Upgrading the system offers benefits. Many homeowners in Port Chester find their energy bills decrease with the installation of a new heating system. New systems are more energy-efficient than their older siblings, and they see savings in energy bills each month. 

Air Quality

Men and women the world over express concern over the cleanliness of their own home. They want to ensure they keep germs at bay and do everything possible to achieve this goal. Sadly, quite a few individuals don’t realize the air they breathe inside the home is dirtier than the air outside. 

When speaking with an HVAC technician, ask what steps they may take to improve indoor air quality. For instance, changing filters used in the heating and cooling system makes a difference in air quality. Pleated filters trap more contaminants than flat ones, and HEPA filters catch small particles that other filters might miss. Homeowners should ask about washable filters, filters designed for homes with pets, and more. The filter serves as the first line of defense when it comes to air quality, so this purchase shouldn’t be made lightly. In addition, homeowners must make certain they regularly change the filters, so they can do the intended job. 

Furthermore, ask about duct cleaning. The ductwork in the home often builds up dirt and debris, which is then carried throughout the home when the HVAC system is used. Learn whether this service would be of benefit to you and how often this task should be done. 

Contact us today with all of your heating and cooling needs. Customers need to know they have someone to count on when something goes wrong in the home. When it comes to HVAC systems, we are that provider. Check us out today.