Heating and Cooling Services in Purchase, New York

Regular cooling and heating system maintenance can help reduce energy costs significantly. Some studies have revealed the savings range from five to 40% or more. Regular checkups by professional technicians will help ensure smaller issues are found before they become bigger or more significant.

Keep reading to learn about the top heating and cooling system maintenance tips and how regular tune-ups and inspections by the professionals can help keep an HVAC Purchase working efficiently and properly throughout the year.

Check the Filter Each Month

A great place to start when it comes to heating and cooling system maintenance is with the filter. Be sure to change it every three months (or according to the system’s manufacturer’s instructions). If the filter is dirty, it will let airborne pollutants like mold, dander, and dust circulate through the air in the home. If these pollutants are breathed in by those in the house, they can cause or exacerbate the residents’ allergy issues.

By changing the filters regularly, the home will also remain cleaner for longer. Rather than having dust flooding the house and landing on surfaces nearby, it is possible to enjoy the fresh air. This also results in less dusting.

Keep in mind that, if the air filter is dirty, it will increase maintenance costs for the system. Also, a clogged air filter may result in system failure. Rather than setting the system up for failure, check the filter regularly. If it has been covered in dust, change it. Dirty filters will also reduce the lifespan of the system. This is because the heating and cooling system must work overtime to function correctly due to the dust. Dirty filters may also lead to dirty ducts, making the dust and air quality issue even worse.

All these issues will also increase energy costs. The system may also begin to burn out or overheat. By replacing the filter often, the system will run longer and without as many issues.

Clean the Coils

The coils of a heating and cooling system play a big part in ensuring the system can run efficiently, effectively, and reliably. By cleaning the coils, it is possible to reduce cooling and heating costs and improve air quality. The coils make sure the system is running efficiently, which also helps improve airflow. This is the case if the coils remain clean.

However, if the condenser coils become dirty, serious damage may occur. The built-up dust and debris could reduce the unit’s efficiency, cause the unit not to cool properly, and result in increased energy consumption. In other words, the system’s energy efficiency may decrease. By keeping the coils clean, the heating and cooling system will continue to run at higher efficiency levels.

Remove Any Debris

Debris may start to build upon the unit as well as the coils and filter. The debris may reduce airflow, which will reduce the capacity of the system. This will cause the heating and cooling system to work harder, which also leads to increased energy costs.

Debris that may need to be cleaned include leaves, twigs, pollen, and lawn clippings. Before trying to clean the outside unit, be sure to put on protective eyewear and a pair of gloves, and have a water hose handy. It is also smart to purchase a coil cleaner that’s made for air conditioners.

Keep in mind that, if a homeowner does not want to handle this cleaning process on their own, they can hire the professionals. A professional technician can clean the unit’s coils as part of a regular maintenance checkup or annual tune-up. This will also allow the technician to see if any other issues should be addressed.

Improve Airflow

The registers and vents of a system need attention, too. Cleaning these can help to boost total air circulation. It is essential to make sure that no more than 20% of the home’s registers are closed at one time. This helps avoid undue strain on the unit. If more registers are closed than open, it can also cause an increase in energy costs.

Call the Professionals for Help and Information

If a homeowner wants to ensure their cooling and heating system continues to perform correctly and efficiently, they should call Purchase professionals. The HVAC professionals can provide an inspection and help ensure the right steps are taken to improve efficiency and solve any present issues.

Being informed and knowing what regular maintenance can do for a heating and cooling system are the best ways to ensure a system works properly. Do not take chances with a home’s heating or cooling system.