Heating and Cooling Services in Shrub Oak, New York

All the systems in our homes work in tandem to make everyday life possible. Plumbing serves numerous functions from allowing us to keep the house, clothes, dishes, and ourselves clean to making it possible to have daily meals and morning coffee. Of course, the electrical system plays a role in all this as well while also bringing us entertainment and keeping us in touch with the outside world. Our heating and cooling systems are also important. They keep us comfortable and ensure we have clean, fresh air to breathe.

If any of those systems in your home begin falling short of your expectations, you need the situation to be remedied as quickly and professionally as possible. At Blue Moon Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re here to make sure your HVAC system remains up and running. Our team covers all furnace and air conditioning needs in Shrub Oak, New York, and the surrounding areas. If your HVAC isn’t performing as it should, you can count on us to be there to help.

Heating and Air Conditioning Tune-ups

Seasonal tune-ups are crucial for keeping HVAC systems in top-notch condition. Though you can have these performed annually, it’s best to do so twice a year, preferably during the off-season. This varies in different areas across the country. Some have a few weeks of comfortable weather in between summer and winter. That’s not necessarily the case here in Shrub Oak. In our area, it’s advisable to schedule those HVAC tune-ups in May and September when the temperatures are usually comfortable enough to shut off the system for a couple of hours.

We begin your twice-annual tune-up by inspecting your entire heating or air conditioning system. This includes going over the interior and exterior units as well as all their inner mechanisms. We’ll clean the condenser coils, blower motors, and other parts and lubricate moving components to get them all ready for the upcoming season. Our technicians also tighten electrical connections and make sure everything is working properly. If needed, we’ll calibrate the thermostat and change out the filters as well.

Heating System Repairs

Though seasonal tune-ups and routine maintenance go a long way toward preventing heating system malfunctions, unexpected problems can still arise. When the furnace, heat pump, or boiler is in constant use, parts can certainly wear out. When they do, they can lead to other issues as well, not the least of which is frozen pipes. We offer heating system repairs for all makes and models, so if the heat starts giving you trouble when you need it most, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Any number of things can go wrong with an air conditioner, and this always seems to happen on the hottest days of the year. From broken blower motors and coolant leaks to clogged air ducts and electrical shortages, our team stands ready to make things right. No matter what types of problems arise with your AC, we have the skills and experience to handle the repairs. With us on your side, there’s no need to suffer through summer’s scorching heat.

HVAC System Replacement

Today’s heaters and air conditioners are built to last a decade or two before they finally give out. Of course, they’re going to outlive their usefulness at some point. When they do, you need to find a suitable replacement. Our technicians work with all major brands and models, and we have the knowledge and experience to help you decide which system will best meet your needs. We’re happy to provide our expert advice on choosing a new system. Then, we’ll install it and get rid of the old system for you.

Emergency Repair Services

We’re well-aware that heating and air conditioning breakdowns rarely happen during standard business hours. At the same time, it’s impossible to always plan for the unexpected. With this in mind, we gladly offer around-the-clock emergency repair services. Whether the heat goes out in the middle of the night or the air conditioning stops working on a summer weekend, you can call us for assistance.

All-Inclusive Heating and Air Conditioning Services from the Local Pros

At Blue Moon Heating and Air Conditioning, we cover the full range of HVAC services. We’re proud to be the heating system and cooling experts Shrub Oak homeowners turn to for all their HVAC maintenance, repair, and replacement needs. Call us or contact us using the form on our website to schedule an appointment. You’ll find out for yourself what sets us apart from others in our field.