Heating and Cooling Services in Somers, New York

Part of owning a home is taking care of it and all of its systems such as heating and air conditioning. We do this so that our homes will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. But, if we don’t take care of these systems they can malfunction or breakdown entirely at the worst times such as during a winter blizzard or the hottest day of the summer. A yearly or semi-annual HVAC inspection and maintenance call can prevent heating and cooling emergencies in Somers, New York, and the surrounding areas.

This Company Can Keep Heating and Cooling System Running Smoothly

In the Somers, New York area, Blue Moon Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. can work with homeowners to keep all their heating and air conditioning systems working dependably and efficiently. These well-trained specialists can tune-up and repair existing systems, they can change the filters and change the systems over from heating to cooling in the spring or from cooling to heating in the fall. Our team can also furnish and install new heating and cooling equipment when the old ones wear out.

When our technicians inspect Heating and Cooling equipment, they spot problems early when they are less expensive to repair. The time to become a customer is before the equipment breaks down. Our services include heating equipment, cooling services, and indoor air quality service. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Heating Services

Our technicians are trained and experienced in all types of heating systems and all of the common brands of heating equipment. Homes can have all-electric heating, gas heating, oil heating, supplied by boilers, heat pumps, geothermal heaters, or furnaces. A call to our operators is all that is needed to get the heating repairs started. We will ask questions about your system to allow our technicians to come with the correct repair parts and action plans.

You will receive a free estimate over the phone and then when the heating equipment is inspected to find the problem and determine the correct solution. Most repairs are accomplished on the first visit. When a heating system needs replacing, or if a system is needed for a home being constructed, the company experts can help determine the best equipment and system for the home and the budget.

One good idea is to have an HVAC service come and inspect an older heating and air conditioning system that has not had service for some time. This establishes a baseline for the condition of the equipment and what can be done to make it work more efficiently and dependably. Some older systems should be replaced with new more energy-efficient equipment that will do a better job with less energy use.

Cooling Services

Not all existing homes have whole-house air conditioning units. They rely on portable units or fans to get by every hot summer. But, air conditioning equipment is more affordable than many homeowners think. Some furnaces or heating systems can have air conditioning equipment added to them. Our experts can help you determine the best way to add air-conditioning or upgrade the existing air conditioning equipment. 

When the heating system is older, purchasing a new system that both heats and cools may be the best solution. This takes up less space and is more energy-efficient. There are many affordable air conditioning systems to add to existing homes alongside the furnace and maybe even using the same ductwork.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor air quality can actually be worse than the outside air quality. Some homeowners have had their homes super insulated and sealed against air leaks for energy efficiency. But, that can lead to the same tainted air circulating through the house over and over. Our experts can add equipment and filtering to clean that air and add fresh air into the system. Air scrubbing equipment can make a big difference. 

Maintenance Calls

Our company offers seasonal maintenance services to our customers in the Somers, New York area. Cleaning the equipment, changing filters, and cleaning the home ductwork can keep equipment in better shape and help it to last longer with a lower operating cost. 

Some Advice for Homeowners to  Follow in Maintaining HVAC Equipment

There are some things homeowners can do to keep their equipment in good shape between service calls. They include keeping obstructions and debris away from the heating and cooling equipment, changing filters regularly, inspecting the refrigerant lines for leaks, and asking your HVAC service person for more ideas for homeowner maintenance.

Homeowners need to call in the professionals when the equipment is not heating or cooling as it should, if there are strange noises, or if the systems stop completely. A call to our heating and cooling services in Somers, New York, can be the start of a better working heating and cooling equipment and fewer emergency repairs.