Heating and Cooling Services in Tarrytown, New York

Our homes are our places of safety and comfort. But, if the heating or cooling systems break down, it can be a serious problem. In the middle of winter, a heating system that quits can mean broken water pipes and flooding, or discomfort for family members while waiting for a heating repair service in the Tarrytown, New York area. Each family should find a dependable HVAC service before there are problems and keep that number handy for emergencies. Start an improved heating and cooling equipment maintenance program with a call.

We Offer Complete heating and Cooling Services

Blue Moon Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. is a company with years of experience and very qualified experts to service both heating and air conditioning equipment in the Tarrytown, New York area. We service, repair, or replace existing heating and air conditioning equipment. We also supply new Heating and Cooling equipment for new construction or home improvement projects. We also offer indoor air quality services and equipment. HVAC Services cover heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Indoor air quality is also a valuable service.

Heating Services

No one wants the furnace to break on the coldest day of the year or on a weekend, but heating equipment that is poorly maintained can do that. One way to avoid heating emergencies is to set up an appointment with Blue Moon Heating & Air conditioning technicians before problems happen. Get the whole heating and cooling system inspected and repaired before the heating system starts.

Our technicians can spot and repair problems when they are small and easy to fix. They can tell the homeowner when a system needs to be replaced with a new, more energy-efficient system. We can supply new heating systems for homes under construction and we can update existing heating systems.  Signing up for regular yearly or semi-annual maintenance visits is one way to keep heating equipment in top shape and have it last longer.

Cooling Systems

Though all homes may have heating systems, many existing homes do not have whole-house air-conditioning systems. They rely on fans or portable air-conditioning units to keep them cool during the summer. But, these units take up floor space and do not do an efficient job of cooling the home. Adding air-conditioning equipment to a furnace or as a separate system is more affordable than one would guess.

When heating systems are older, it may be a good move to replace them with a system that both heats and cools the home. These new systems have heating and cooling zones to save energy use. A system that uses the same equipment for both heating and cooling saves energy, space, and money. Our technicians can maintain and repair existing air conditioning systems as needed to keep homes cool and comfortable.

Indoor air quality Services

Many homes have poor air quality that needs to be improved with air cleaning equipment, filters, and modern technology. We can provide and maintain an air quality system that helps the family stay healthier. Ask our technicians what type of system will work for your home.

Maintaining it All

It is important to find a company that can maintain all of your HVAC equipment. The right repair service and equipment dealer is important to find. Blue Moon is this company. We have the licensing, the insurance, and the satisfied customer record to prove our value. We can come to your home and check all your HVAC and air quality systems and keep them in top running condition. Well-maintained equipment lasts longer and is less expensive to operate.

We can tell you some things to do in-between our visits to help your equipment run better. This includes keeping obstructions and debris away from all equipment and vents, changing filters as required, and keeping an eye on the equipment for signs of trouble such as odd noises. When you have us come to maintain equipment before the heating season starts and before the cooling season starts, it will cost less and we can change over the equipment for you.

A well-maintained heating and cooling equipment lasts longer and runs more efficiently, saving energy and money for the homeowner. Call us for our heating and cooling services in the Tarrytown, New York area. Our experts will come to your home and inspect your equipment, performing any repairs or maintenance that is needed. This preventative service will help you avoid heating and cooling equipment breakdowns and emergencies. 

When it is time to replace old equipment and systems our technicians can help you choose the best systems for your home and your budget needs.