Heating and Cooling Services in  Thornwood, NY

Many homeowners have been in a situation where their air conditioner goes out on one of the hottest days of the year. Some claim this is Murphy’s Law. However, the fact is, most systems will provide signs of a problem long before they just “bite the dust.” The key is for a homeowner to get to know what signs to watch for that indicate a problem.

While every heating and cooling system is unique, there will be some common issues they have when repairs are needed. Keep reading to know when it is time to call for heating and cooling system repair in Thornwood.

The Unit is Blowing Warm (or Cool) Air

An air conditioner is designed to blow cold air. A heater or furnace is designed to blow warm air. When this type of air is not being produced, it means there is an issue. As soon as the temperature of the air is not what it should be, it is time to get in touch with the professionals for help.

The air does not even have to be extremely hot or cold to indicate a problem. If the unit is struggling to keep the home the desired temperature, there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

The Thermostat Is Faulty

The thermostat is the “brain” of any heating and cooling system. Its job is to tell the unit what temperature the air should be cooled or heated to. It will also measure the air around it to determine if the desired temperature has been reached.

If the system does not turn off as it should or runs for varying times, it is a sign of a problem. It is a good idea to call the professionals for repair. They can evaluate the situation and find the underlying issue.

Strange Sounds Coming from the Unit

The most common unusual sounds heard from heating and cooling systems include squealing, scraping, or grinding. These are all signs that a belt in the unit has slipped out of place when the unit comes on. Do not ignore these sounds. Any loose piece inside the unit can cause damage to the other internal parts. In the end, this may cause even more significant and expensive issues.

Limited Air Coming from the Vents

If the air conditioning unit has been struggling to keep up with the proper airflow, it is a sign the compressor has begun to fail. Even if the air still feels cool, if the airflow is weaker than usual, it will result in the unit being completely useless. The system will have to work overtime to compensate for this. If this happens, it may cause air conditioners to burn out.

Another issue may be that the air ducts are clogged. An excellent way to deal with this is by calling the professionals for a complete assessment of the problem.

Unpleasant Smells

If the unit has let out a musty or pungent smell when it is turned on, this is not a good sign. The job of the air conditioner is not to stink up the home. If there are bad or weird smells coming from the unit, it could be due to an insulation problem or a burnt wire. If this isn’t the case, the ductwork may be dealing with a build-up of mold, which may cause this musty, unpleasant odor.

Never allow this type of issue to linger. It may cause people in the home to get ill. Instead, call the professionals for repairs.

Large Amounts of Moisture Near the AC

If the air conditioner starts to leak or if there is too much moisture around the piping or unit, there is a problem. In many cases, this may be a small problem, like a blocked drain tube. However, it may be more serious and be an issue with refrigerants. In either situation, it is a good idea to have the problem fixed as quickly as possible.

Higher Humidity Levels in the Home

If the air conditioner is running, but the home still seems humid and sticky, it is a sign that the unit needs to be repaired. One goal of a functional AC is removing moisture from the air. If the unit is not doing its job, calling the professionals is highly recommended.

Call the Pros for Help

When it comes to issues with a home air conditioner, there are a lot of factors to consider. Being informed and knowing when to call the professionals for help can ensure that small issues don’t become more serious.